Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"twinning" of the Rambouillet Forest in France and the Black Forest in Germany 18.5.1968

The stamp on this French first day cover depicts a gnarled tree trunk and a fir tree, designed and engraved by Michel Monvoisin after drawings by French artist Marie-Elizabeth Wrede (1898-1981), and issued by France on May 18, 1968 to publicize the "twinning" of the Rambouillet Forest in France and the Black Forest in Germany.
“Twinning” between cities of different countries has been quite common, to promote friendly relations and understanding between peoples. The pairing of the Black Forest and the forest of Rambouillet should enable all those who love and care for them to meet beyond the confines of national borders.
Black forest and the forest of Rambouillet, with a surface area of 13, 000 ha, is much smaller than the Black Forest, but these two wooded areas represent each country similar to their glory, both historically and in terms of tourism.
Coming from France, the Black Forest begins in Fribourg and located between the cities of Offenburg, Triberg, Tuttingen and Schaffhausen. In the centre of the Black Forest, Lake Titisee occupies a prominent place, surrounds thermal spas of Hinterzarten, Friedenweller, Badenweiler and Faidberg, The scenery offers visitors spectacular panorames of slopes of majestic conifers, valley’s and glacial lakes, and a few remnants of strong castles. Rambouillet forest is divided into three major massifs (St. Leger, Tambouille Yvelines). It presents a wide variety of landscapes, with many ponds, rocks the most diverse species of trees. Charles X often stayed there for some time. Actually, Rambouillet is the summer residence of the Presidents of the Republic . Walkers can circulate freely throughout the forest, with the exception of a portion of the enclosure reserved for the large park. Both forests are home to abundant wildlife and variety of flowers; nature is preserved and protected for the greatest jamboree of nature lovers of all nations.
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