Thursday, August 1, 2013

Painted Churches of the Byzantine Era 27.4.1987

In the region of the Mounts of Troodos, in the heart of Cyprus, can be found one of the greatest concentrations of churches and monasteries in the Byzantine Empire, by which the island was annexed during the conquest of 965. The complex of ten monuments included on the World Heritage List, all richly decorated with murals, provides an overview of Byzantine and post-Byzantine painting in Cyprus. They range from small churches, whose rural architectural style is in stark contrast to their highly refined decoration, to monasteries such as that of St John Lampadistis.
The three stamps on this cover are part of a nine stamp series highlighting the famous painted churches of the Troodos mountain area. 

These churches have been put in the World Heritage list in 1985. The churches shown on these stamps are The Church of the Archangel Michael or St. Michael's Church, Pedoula (1474). The next one is St. Nicholas Church, Steyis (11th century) and finally the St. Mary's Church, Arakas (1192), they are part of a nine stamp set.

Merja, These are really a wonderful set of stamps on this FDC.

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