Friday, August 23, 2013

Centenary of the Norwegian Red Cross

Norway 1965 set of 2 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Red Cross, depicting coastal and mountain scenes. The Norwegian Red Cross (Norges Røde Kors) was founded September 22, 1865 by prime minister Frederik Stang. In 1907 the Norwegian Ministry of Defence authorized the organization for voluntary medical aid in war. The Norwegian Red Cross was one of the first national organizations in the International Red Cross. The organization now has 150,000 members and provides a variety of humanitarian services, including care for old and the infirm, prisoner visits, outdoor rescue, and international work.

It might be of interest to some to know that, The International Committee of the Red Cross was declared the winner of the Peace Prize both in 1917 and in 1944. The main reason was its efforts during the two World Wars.
In 1963, it was 100 years since the Peace Prize Laureate in 1901, Henri Dunant, founded the Red Cross. On the occasion of the centenary, the Norwegian Nobel Committee wished to call attention to the importance of the organization in the global community. It also wished to reward the organization's work since World War II, but this time the Swiss Red Cross Committee shared the honour with the League of Red Cross Societies. Together, the two organizations made up what is now known as the International Red Cross.

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