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Further to my post yesterday(6th July 2013), ie regarding the 40th Israeli Independence Day this FDC with the special Sovenir sheet on it is about the Memorial Day Stamp Exhibition and the Memorial Day itself. Every year the Israel Ministry of Defence sends messages to the families of soldiers who fell in Israel's wars. These letters go out on Memorial Day and carry a special Memorial Day stamp. The postmark on this cover is of the Opening Day of the Exhibition.
The Memorial Day and Independence Day in 1988 were both of particular significance because it was Israel's 40th year of Independence. The Hebrew letter "Mem" (M) which is one of the letters that form the Hebrew year (5748), which is what the stamp shows, means 40 in the group of Hebrew figures.
In addition to this stamp the Philatelic Service also issued a Souvenir Sheet which includes the stamp and the colorful regimental emblems of the Israel Defense Forces. Please see the previous post to see this souvenir sheet on the FDC.
The State of Israel, which longs for peace shows its appreciation in this way, on this Independence Day, to the Army and Security Forces who guard the State at all times. The tab inscription is: "Memorial Day for the Fallen in Israel's Battles - 1988".
The 40th Year Exhibition, which took place at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, was the central event of Israel's 40th anniversary celebrations. Its theme was the achievements, problems and future plans of the state.
The centrepiece was the scroll of the Declaration of Independence, and the exhibition reflected the vision of the Declaration and its influence on life in Israel. In the booth where the scroll was displayed, visitors saw a reconstruction of the special session of the Provisional State Council, and heard Ben-Gurion as he read the Declaration.
The exhibition included a faithful reconstruction of a transit camp to which immigrants were brought in the first years of Israel's statehood, as a contrast to the massive achievement in housing and development in the 40 years after 1948.
An authentic reproduction of a 1948 cafe served visitors the dishes and drinks of the period. The "Museum of voices", a unique presentation, allowed its visitors the chance to hear the original recordings of the historic events of four decades. A specially designed pavilion devoted to the Israel Defence Forces presented a Light and Sound Show on the IDF - past, present and future - by the latest technologies. The sports pavilion brought to life the great moments of national sports. Humor and Satire were represented, in their own pavilion, by an exhibition of the Cartoons, Skits and Satirical shows that escorted the nation through 40 years.
Light and Sound shows and other exhibits displayed the activities and future programs of Israel industry The 40th Anniversary Exhibition gave its many thousand visitors a rich and colourful picture of Israel in the year 1988.
The souvenir sheet on the cover depicts Israel Defense Forces insignias with the inscription: "Israel - 40 Years of Independence".
Thank you Dear Merja for this very interesting and rare philatelic item.

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