Sunday, June 16, 2013

"No to Violence"

It is clear then that the society in which the individual is educated is vested with immense responsibility for prevention and restraint of violence. Adoption of non-violent solutions to interpersonal conflicts and prevention of over-exposure to violent scenes are likely to make a positive contribution to shaping an enlightened society, one which is pleasant to live in.
The stamp designer, Yael Arad, writes:
"I tried to investigate the consequences of violence as well as its victims, and I chose to focus on battered children. Usually these children do not tell what happened to them at home either because they are afraid or because they do not know that these things 'are not good'. One of the ways of discerning their true situation is through examining their drawings.
"The design is based on motifs of drawing by battered children: missing limbs and limbs out of proportion, or thick lines and strong colors.
"Even though I have used motifs that were designed to express feelings of violence and sadness, I have tried to maintain an ambience of naivete and hope".
Thank you Merja for this FDC which really makes one think about ones behaviour towards others.

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