Sunday, June 2, 2013

Finnish Crazy Sports 6.5.2013

Finnish Posti issued a booklet of 6 funny stamps depicting the crazy sports typical for Finns: carrying a lady, playing swamp soccer, sitting in the ant nest, boot throwing, playing air guitar, and wheeling a cart with a man inside. Stamp designer Bruno Maximus hopes that these humorous stamps would spread all over the world and rouse their recipients’ smile. Finns have a passion for odd contests and they even arrange world championships in various weird sports. Artist Bruno Maximus has picked these peculiar Finnish sports as the themes of the Finnish Odditystamp booklet: wife carrying, air guitar playing, anthill sitting, boot throwing, old-geezer carting, and swamp soccer.
Shy Finns can vent their feelings and anxieties in odd contests where you can just be yourself. I hope that these stamps will travel around the world and put a smile on the recipients' faces, Bruno Maximus says. The graphic designer of the Finnish Oddity stamp booklet is Tero Jämsä.
Since 1991, there have been about one hundred exhibitions by Bruno Maximus, both in Finland and abroad. His works are famous for unexpectedness, fairy tale elements, and delightful humor. Designing stamps was  a very pleasing assignment for Maximus; he has been dreaming of it since he was ten. Bruno Maximus painted the originals in oils; they are 40 cm x 60 cm in size.

Wife carrying
In this competition, you carry a woman (at least 49 kg) through an obstacle course as quickly as possible.

Boot throwing
A sport that requires power and good technique. You throw a rubber boot (about 1 kg) as far as possible.

Air guitar
The idea is to play an imaginary guitar while expressing the music and rhythm.

Old geezer carting
In this contest, a woman competes to carry a man on a milk cart through a course as quickly as possible.

Ant nest sitting
Grit and stamina are needed in this sport, where you don't wear pants and sit on an ant's nest for as long as you can.

Swamp football
Swamp soccer is played for 2 x 10 minutes in a bog pitch of 60 x 35 meters.

Ella I think these games are great, but, I’d prefer to be a spectator and not a participantJ

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