Tuesday, June 25, 2013

60th Anniversary UNPA-Special First Day Cover

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) is the postal agency of the United Nations. It issues postage stamps and postal stationery, denominated in United States dollars for the United Nations offices in New York, in Swiss francs for the offices in Geneva and in euros (formerly schillings) for the offices in Vienna. Postage rates charged are identical to those of the host nation.
To commemorate the 60 th Anniversary of the United Nations Postal Administration, a limited edition first day cover in silk was issued on 13 October 2011. A picture of the very first United Nations US$ 0.01 stamp, which was issued on 24 October 1951, along with the US$ 0.11 definitive issued on 4 February 2011, were featured on the cover. The 2011 US$ 5.00 definitive stamp will be affixed and cancelled with the first day of issue cancellation.
Thank you Hemant for this lovely cover.

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