Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wildfowl Decoys 19.2.2013

The issue of a 3-part series of franking labels featuring old style wooden duck decoys began in 2012 by Aland. First out was the Common Eider; the 2013 motif is the Long-tailed Duck and it was issued along with this striking cover on 19.2.2013.

Wildfowl decoys are lifelike dummies used by hunters to encourage birds to land nearby. The oldest decoys were made from plants such as bulrush, and the first decoys carved from wood were unpainted. Decoys are now mostly made from plastic. The Long-tailed Duck belongs to the order Anseriformes. It reaches a length of between 39 and 47 cm and can weigh up to almost one kilo. It has a rounded head and a short sturdy bill. The all-dark wings are quite sharp and pointed. Their flight is smooth and rapid, with a characteristic wing-beat dipping low below the horizontal.

Thank you Dear Ella for  these lovely stamps and the FDC.

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