Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tevel 89 - National Stamp Exhibition for the Youth

Tevel 89 was a national stamp exhibition for youth, with participants from around the world. The Exhibition, organised by the Israel Philatelic Association and funded by the Israel Postal Authority, was sponsored by the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Director-General of the Israel Postal Authority. It took  place in Bnai-Brith House during the intermediate days of the Festival of Succot (Tabernacles),15-21 October 1989.

Young philatelists from the ages of 10 to 21 exhibited at the Exhibition in the international and national sections. There were 310 different categories in the Exhibition, and a very full display. A total of 120 young people participated in the exhibition. In the international section, there were young philatelists representing 7 countries (their flags are shown on the cover, carried by stags) and the quality of the Exhibition was very high by current international standards

The Exhibition had a number of different purposes, but its main purpose was to create an awareness of philately as an exciting, educational hobby, which furthers aesthetic and moral values among the public in general, and among the future generations in particular.

Thank you dear Merja for this extremely interesting FDC postmarked 12.10.1989.

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