Sunday, March 24, 2013

Centenary of Feilding and the International Year of Disabled Persons 4.2.1981

This first day cover commemorates not one but two events, as would be apparent by the two stamps on it.

Centenary of Feilding - 20c
1981 marked the centenary of the Constitution of Feilding as a Borough.  The town was named after the Honourable Colonel William Henry Adelbert Feilding, 1836-1895, son of 7th Earl of Denbeigh.  Feilding is a community serving the rural area of the upper Manawatu and has a population of about 13,000.  A main feature of the borough is the stock sale yards which play an important part in the agricultural and pastoral activities of the district.

International Year for Disabled Persons - 25c
The United Nations designated 1981 as a special year to recognise the large numbers of disabled people in the community.  The theme of the International Year was "Full Participation and Equality".  The official emblem chosen represents two people holding hands in solidarity and support of each other in a position of equality.  It symbolises equality, hope and support.  The surrounding leaves are taken from the United Nations emblem.

Thank you Maria for this nice FDC.

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