Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PACIFIC 97 International Stamp Exhibition.

The United States Postal Service issued two 32-cents PACIFIC 97 commemorative stamps in a pane of 16 on 13th March, 1997, in New York. Designed by Richard D. Sheaf of Norwood Massachusetts, the stamps feature two designs, one of a US Mail Stage coach and one of of a Clipper ship (as shown in this FDC), both of the 1800’s. These marked the first triangular stamps the USPS has ever issued. The sheet of sixteen stamps formed an unusual configuration of four squares, each square formed by four connecting triangles. There is also a small type header identifying the place and dates of the PACIFIC 97 International Stamp Exhibition.
The Banknote Corporation of America Inc., printed the stamps through the Intaglio process. Thank you Dear Pia for this lovely FDC.

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