Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rauma - Idyllic, culturally rich seaside town 6.3.2002

Rauma in Finland,founded in 1442, is an idyllic seaside town steeped in culture. Rauma offers its 37,000 inhabitants high-quality modern services.
Rauma provides a spacious and safe living environment. Whether you choose a home in the town centre or a more country-type dwelling, good basic public services and high-quality education, cultural and leisure services are available to you.
The town is a dream come true for shoppers and gourmets. Especially during the summer months, the marketplace is a popular meeting place. The heart of the town is Old Rauma, which is the largest preserved coherent medieval wooden town area in the Nordic region. In 1991 the area was selected for UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.
The lovely stamps on the minisheet affixed to the cover were issued by Finland on 6.3.2002 the 560th Anniversary of the founding of this nice town

Thank you my friend Ella for this lovely first day cover.

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