Sunday, January 20, 2013

Joint issue by China and Singapore - City Outlook 9.10.1996

On 9th October 1996, Singapore and China jointly released a set of stamps featuring similar designs on Suzhou’s Panmen area and the Singapore skyline and warterfront.
Chinese artist, Jiang Zhi Nan of the Central Academy of Arts and Design, painted the two beautiful scenes in watercolour. In spite of the obvious physical differences between  Singapore and Suzhou, Zhi Nan used his skill and creativity to produce two beautifully executed and complimentary paintings.
These two covers were specially produced to commemorate the joint release of the two sets of stamps by Singapore and China. The two matching sets of stamps and special cancellations, together with the signatures of the artist and the graphic designer, make these covers a special memento of the two countries’ collaboration in this issue.

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