Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taxi transport in Finland 11.1.2006

Taxi transport in Finland marks its centenary in 2006. In earlier times, only the upper crust used taxis, but today they serve some fifty million customers a year, carrying them a total of roughly 700 million kilometres. One of the jobs performed by taxis is to take about 40,000 children to school. Old people and the disabled are also regular customers. In towns where buses have buses have become uneconomical to run, taxis run services to order and on preplanned routes. Taxi transport is therefore an inseparable part of life and transport in Finland, on special occasions and every day.
Century of taxi transport. In honor of the century of taxi transport, a stamp booklet with four self-adhesive stamps is to be issued. The stamps depict taxis from different decades. The models shown are Oldsmobile (photo from 1906, Helsinki City Museum/Hanko Museum), Chevrolet from 1929 (photo: Helsinki Taxi Drivers Association), Pobeda from 1957 (photo: Vantaa Taxi Drivers Association) and Mercedes-Benz 2002 (photo: Finnish Taxi Association).
Thank you Dear Pia for this lovely FDC.

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