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Scientists of Finland 26.9.1979

Brief details of the stamps on this cover are :-
1/3 - Pehr Kalm with the title page of his book "En Resa til Norra America" (Travels into North America).
2/3 - Title page of Pehr Adrian Gadd’s book "Försök till en systematisk inledning i svenska landtskötseln"  about landcare.
3/3 - Petter Forsskål and the title page of his book "Tankar om Borgerliga Friheten" (Thoughts on Civil Liberty).

PEHR KALM.  Pehr Kalm (6 March 1716 – 16 November 1779)  was a Swedish-Finnish explorer, botanist, naturalist, and agricultural economist. He was one of the most important apostles of Carl Linnaeus. Among his many accomplishments, Kalm can be credited for the first description of Niagara Falls written by someone trained as a scientist.

PEHR ADRIAN GADD.  The first real professor of chemistry was Pehr Adrian Gadd who was appointed in 1761 following the separation of chemistry from agriculture. Gadd was born in 1727 in Pirkkala, and was educated at Åbo. In 1749, after becoming a Magistrat, Gadd became Docent. He took the place of Kalm while the latter was visiting America. In 1758 he was appointed assistant to the professor, but because he wished it so, he received no salary. Gadd showed a decided interest for the applications of science to practical life; he devoted much of his experimental work to technical, mineralogical, and agricultural chemistry, rather than to the theoretical.  

PETTER FORSSKÅL.  Peter Forsskål (11 January 1732 - 11 July 1763) was a Swedish explorer, orientalist, naturalist and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus. Peter Forsskål was one of those pupils of Carl Linnaeus who lost their lives on expeditions in distant lands. He was the naturalist member of the famous Arabian Expedition (1761-1767), sent by Denmark to study the nature and culture of Yemen, “Arabia Felix” of olden times.

Thank you Pia for this nice FDC.

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