Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mythical Princess Signhild 27.3.2008

In March 2008, the third and last miniature sheet of the joint Nordic series featuring Nordic mythology was issued on 27.3.2008. The designer of this pretty piece was Juha Pykäläinen. The theme was Mythical placesÅland has plenty of mythical places and the motif chosen for the miniature sheet is fascinating and surrounded with myth, to say the least!

This First Day Cover with the miniature sheet commemorating this great mythological event was given to me by my Dear friend Pia. Isn’t it a lovely FDC?

Legend has it that Signhild, a British princess, was instructed to marry a Norwegian prince. Accompanied by her communion godfather, her servants and her beloved horse she sailed off to Norway. Upon arrival, the prince had died. The princess, however, decided to travel on to preach Christianity to the people up north. Signhild's ship was wrecked in a nasty storm and ended up in Åland. Many died, but Signhild somehow miraculously managed to make her way to shore at Isaksö in Geta. She rode ashore on her beautiful horse, and the spot where the fabled St Signhild rode ashore still exists and is known as 'Drottningkleven', the Queen's Gorge.

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