Sunday, December 16, 2012

By Horse and Sleigh to the Christmas Service 9.10.2006

The 2006 Christmas stamp is reminiscent of the Aland Christmas traditions of past times, when people used to ride by horse and sleigh to the early service on Christmas Day below the sparkling starry sky. The stamp is designed by the Finnish artist Paivi Mansikka-aho. It shows a family returning home by horse and sleigh from the early Christmas service at the church of Finstrom. The church was also a stamp motif in 1989.

The sky on the stamp is covered with glittering hologram stars. The denomination is 'Christmas Postage 06', and this is the first Aland stamp of this denomination. 'Christmas Postage 06' implies that the stamp may be used as postage for Christmas greetings within Aland and to Finland and Sweden (equivalent to ˆ0.50) during a limited period in November and December. This stamp and the lovely cover, and not forgetting the lovely postmark was issued on 9.10.2006 were sent to me by my friend Pia.

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