Friday, December 28, 2012

Åland Beetles - Lifelike Beetles Creeping Out 2.1.2006

Aland Post issued three new stamps that had postage values of 0.40, 0.65 & 2.00 Euro named "Lifelike Beetles Creeping Out" on the 2nd of January 2006. These definitive stamps show three very common beetles found in Aland. The beetles depicted on the stamps were selected by the Post's Stamp Committee from a list of many species. Each beetle is described below:

Metallic Green Rose-Chafer (0,40) - is green with a shimmer of gold or bronze and feeds on flowers of all sorts. It can fly without putting up its wing-sheaths

Seven-Spot Ladybird (0,65) - commonly called the Virgin Mary ladybird is 6-8 mm long and feeds on aphids.

Rhinoceros Beetle (2.00) - is about 38 mm long with a horn. The male has a long horn and the female has a short horn.

 Thank you Pia for this lovely cover with the three stamp beetle set of stamps. The postmark is also very distinctive.

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