Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Karelian Rose 5.5.1994

The stamp on this cover depicts the famed Karelian Rose. The stamp was issued in Finland on 5.5.1994. My friend Pia gave me this FDC.
The Karelian rose is the county flower of North Karelia. It is a continental species, and its distribution in Finland is evidently eastern. This species is densely covered in prickles which are straight and needle-like. This is the best distinguishing character between the Karelian rose and the very similar cinnamon rose as the prickles of the latter can also be hooked. Furthermore, the flower-stalks of the Karelian rose are usually covered with glandular hairs, whereas those of the cinnamon rose are hairless. Also the shape of the hip differs somewhat.

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