Friday, November 16, 2012

Chemists Club, Finnish Chemists Society Centenary 1.11.1991

The stamp on the left and the one to its right are designed to produce a three dimensional effect when viewed together. Difference is on second and third vertical branches merge while second and third branches below almost touch in the upper left part of camphor molecular structure. The Date of issue was 1.11.1991.

Two of the many scientists of chemistry in Finland are depicted on the cover. They are:
Ossian Aschan who In 1908 was appointed holder of the professorship of the University of Helsinki. He published some 250 papers and in addition compiled handbooks and textbooks of which "Chemie der alicyclischen Verbindungen" of 1150 pages is considered to be the most important. At the time of Aschan's professorship Finland gained her independence in1917.
Gustaf Komppa  was a chemist best known for a world-first in commercializing  total synthesis, namely,  that of camphor   in 1903.
The Chemistry Guild began in the year 1891, and it is the oldest guild of the Aalto University. The Chemistry Guild has about 400 members. The Guild’s symbol is a white neon atom on blue background. The official color of the Guild is blue.

The main functions of the Guild include arranging events for its members and representing the interests of the students in the various governing bodies of the department. Thank you Pia for this interesting cover.

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