Thursday, November 22, 2012

Åland - Postal Labels - White Rose of Finland and Special Postmarrk 19.9.2008

Please note that this is not an FDC, instead it has a special cancellation: 19.9.2008, commemorating 180 years of the Mail & Custom's House.  

The full Burnet rose is also often called 'White Rose of Finland' or 'Midsummer Rose'. It is widely spread in Åland, and it was quite common in old gardens during the later part of the 1800s. As the cottages and farms disappeared, the Burnet roses survived and now grows wild in many places.

The full Burnet rose blossoms in the early summer with white or cream-white half-full flowers. It has a dense growth and covers large areas. The stems have numerous stiff bristles and many straight spines. The Burnet rose has a fresh, fruity scent and is one of the most hardy roses in the Nordic area, surviving even above the polar circle! The colour varies depending on the mother plant. Some leaves are bluish-green, others are lighter green.

The post mark is impressive and highlights The Eckerö Mail & Custom's House
The stately Eckerö Mail & Custom's House was built in 1828 and drawn by the architects Carl Ludvig Engel and Carlo Bassi. The building is fashioned in the empire building style, known from, for example, the Helsinki centre and St. Petersburg. Eckerö Mail & Custom's House represents together with Bomarsund the Russian occupation in Finland and Åland. Eckerö used to be the Russian custom's border with Sweden for more than a hundred years.
Architect historians of today consider the Eckerö Mail & Custom's House to be one of Engels most important non-church buildings. The building has been owned by the Åland province since 1994 and is managed by the Åland government. The building and the surrounding area are an important part of the Åland cultural inheritance and have a strong connection with the Old Mail Route. Today the cultural building offers a fine excursion destination for the whole family.
Thank you Pia for this lovely card.

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