Tuesday, November 20, 2012

175th anniversary of modern Singapore 31.8.1994

The four stamps in the miniature sheet affixed to the first day cover, were issued in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of Modern Singapore, on 21.3.1994.
The founding of modern Singapore in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles paved the way for Singapore to become a modern port and established its status as a gateway between the Western and Eastern markets. This was distinct from its earlier probable use as a port in ancient times during the dominance of Srivijaya, and later, Melaka in the region. This was because previously, the main markets were India and China. However, with the founding of modern Singapore, Europe, and to an extent the United States, had now become sources of trade as well.

The set of stamps celebrates the spectacular achievements Singapore has made. The 20 cent stamp depicts progress in the field of education; the 50 cent stamp shows the transformation in the modes of transportation; the 75 cent stamp features Singapore’s development from a humble trading post into the world’s busiest port, and the $1 stamp depicts Singapore’s transformation into a modern metropolis and a prosperous nation. A nation the citizens can be truly proud off.

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