Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Four Virtues

Thank you Merja for this pretty FDC displaying one of the stamps out of a set of four issued by Liechtenstein, extolling the Four Virtues. The virtues are also depicted on the cancellation, and in fact on the cover itself. 

The stamp on the FDC displayed, namely the 70 Rappen stamp represents, cleverness, intelligence, wisdom, judiciousness, sensibleness, insightfulness, judgement, sagacity, or insight. The other stamps in the series (not shown on this cover) represent virtues as given below:-
35 Rappen - equity, fairness, justice, righteousness, justness, correctness, rightfulness, lawfulness, legitimacy, equitableness, or appropriateness.
50 Rappen - moderation, continence, self-control, temperance, or restraint.
100 Rappen - braveness, boldness, courageousness, bravery, courage, doughtiness, gallantry, or spunkiness or guts.

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