Sunday, October 7, 2012

Safety at Sea - Lighthouses

This UN First Day Cover regarding Safety at Sea was issued on 18.3.1983 with an official Geneva cachet, was given to me by my friend Merja.


The importance of lighthouses is that they help ships out at sea to find the harbour safely, especially when there are rocks or icebergs which the ships may bump into.

Some may question the need for lighthouses in the present days of GPS and other forms of electronic navigation at sea. I think they are Still pretty importantNot as much as they used to be perhaps, when they were the only option but still important as navigational beacons and as warning for hazardous conditions for boats (and aircraft) that don't have (or have inoperative) the latest electronics. If your ship has the so called high tech equipment, and if it works, you may not need a lighthouse. In all other cases you'll need one. And that is why the UN decided to issue this stamp to highlight the importance of Lighthouses for Safety at Sea.

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