Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink Ribbon - International Breast Cancer Charity 1.10.2012

In many parts of the world, October is pink. This is the month when various organisations arrange fundraising activities to benefit breast cancer research and to promote awareness about the disease. 2012 sees the first Åland charity stamp. The Åland Cancer Society receives part of the selling price. The stamp is issued in connection with the Pink Ribbon awareness campaign in October. Åland graphic designer Carina Sommarström, previously a breast cancer patient herself, has created the stamp. The Åland charity stamp sells at €1.20, €0.20 of which is awarded in full to the Åland Cancer Society. Carina’s stamp motif holds a great deal of symbolism, featuring an Amazon, a female warrior without her right breast. The woman’s right breast has been replaced by a tattoo with many different symbols representing important issues to consider when going through cancer treatment. Thank you Ella for this important FDC.

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