Friday, October 19, 2012

Environment & Anti tuberculosis 16.8.1982

These three stamps on the First Day Cover were issued on 16.8.1982, not only to raise funds for the Finnish Red Cross, but also to highlight the plight of certain endangered animals. The surcharge shown on the stamps went to the Red Cross for fighting the scourge of tuberculosis. The details of the animals in question are given below. Thank you Pia for this pretty FDC.
The Garden dormouse (0.90+0.10). In spite of its name, the garden dormouse's main habitat is the forest, though it can also be found in fruit-growing regions. It is particularly common in southern Europe, but its range extends into the north. Garden dormice are often found in the Alps, in the Bavarian Forest, and in the Ore Mountains.
Flying squirrel (1.10+0.15).  Flying squirrels are not really capable of powered flight like birds or bats; instead, they glide between trees, and manoeuvre in the air using the body and the tail.
European mink. The European mink is mostly restricted to Europe. Its range was widespread in the 19th century, with a distribution extending from northern Spain in the west to the river Ob (just east of the Urals) in the east, and from the Archangelsk region in the north to the northern Caucasus in the south. However, over the last 150 years it has severely declined and been extirpated or greatly reduced over most of its former range.

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