Tuesday, October 9, 2012

760th Anniversary of Klaipeda

"The city that started with a wooden castle has grown into a power that inspires the country's economic and cultural life. The port of Klaipėda has an important role of reinforcing energy independence and trade relations with the world. Development of marine industry and energy will provide the country and residents of the Klaipėda region with a number of economic and social advantages," said the President Grybauskaitė. Since morning on Wednesday Klaipeda celebrated its 760thbirthday. At 7:30 in the morning, the port city residents were awakened to a theatrical performance. After a festive flag raising at the castle, Klaipeda citizens and guests gathered at the concert hall, where there was a festive meeting commemorating the 760th anniversary of the city’s establishment.
To commemorate the 760th anniversary of Klaipeda (formerly known as Memel), the oldest city in Lithuania, Lithuanian Post  released a 2 Litas stamp of the  Klaipeda Lighthouse  on 14-Jul-2012. The lighthouse was re-built in 1953.
Klaipėda (Memel) is the oldest city of Lithuania and the third in terms of size. 1252 is considered to be the year of its foundation when the Livonian Order and the bishop of Curonia concluded an agreement regarding the building of the Memelburg Castle and the city. Memel was named after the River Nemunas that Curonians used to call Memele (meaning “silent river”).
The official day of the city is the first of August. Every year at the end of July the city hosts the Sea Festival. The port is also famous for its annual international Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival. This nice FDC was given to me by Kristina.

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