Thursday, September 27, 2012

Relics of Ancient Cyprus 3.10.1983

Merja gave me these four FDCs which display a total of 12 stamps, each depicting a relic, way back from the 6thMillenium BC up to a few centuries ago. An interesting aspect of these stamp is that the year printed on them is 1980, but, they were actually released on 3rdOctober 1983, as shown by the postmark on the Covers.
Each of these stamps has two values printed on them. The old value has been struck off. In 1960, when Cyprus was declared independent and the Republic of Cyprus was established, the Cyprus pound became the country’s monetary unit. Initially, the pound was divided into 1.000 mils. In 1983 a new denomination, the cent, was introduced to replace the mil. The numismatic system remained the same as the Cyprus pound continued to be the Republic’s currency, the only difference being its denomination into 100 cent, instead of 1.000 mils. This may perhaps be the reason for the delay in the issue of these stamps.

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