Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute little animals to warm One's heart! 3.9.2012

Pets is a stamp booklet by Satu Lusa whose six stamps feature small, lovable animals. The animals include a European cat, a large eared rabbit, a small rabbit, a dachshund, a Jack Russel terrier, and a British short haired cat.
The photo of the kitten with a tortoise pattern was taken by Spanish nature photographer Rafa Irusta. The rest of the photos were taken by Eric Isselée, a Belgian photographer specializing in animal photography.
The pet photos, taken against a white background, focus on the essential: the animals' expressions, natural posture and soft fur.

These stamps and the cover were also issued by Finland Post on 3.9.2012. Thank you Ella for this delightful FDC.

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