Monday, August 20, 2012

Public Buildings and Monuments at Macau

Maria gave me this FDC with four stamps, issued on 19.4.2011 to highlight Public Buildings and Monuments. The buildings and monuments depicted on the stamps are

(1.50ptcs)Seat of Government. Leal Senado, Macau's seat of government, is here, and it overlooks the main town square. Largo do Senado (The Senate Square) is the heart of the city and possibly one of the most popular of Macau attractions. This large Portuguese-style piazza is surrounded by many heritage sites, as well as coffee shops, restaurants, market lanes and shops, and it's always busy with people...

(2.50ptcs)Monetary Authority. The Monetary Authority of Macao is a regulatory institution established on December 20, 1999, upon the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China as the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR). It was formerly known as the "Monetary and Foreign Exchange Authority of Macao", which was created on July 1, 1989.

(3.50ptcs)Old Ladies Home. Ox Warehouse, the quarter of a group of Macau artists - "Old Ladies' House Art Space", holds regular exhibitions in various media, including paintings, sculptures, poster designs, installations, sketching, and so on. In addition to organizing interesting works of contemporary local art, the Old Ladies' House Art Space offers workshops for adults and children in drawing, music, and other forms of art. The Ox Warehouse is worth visiting for the architecture of the old buildings, which also house a small library and a charming, informal cafe.

(4.00ptcs)Macao Foundation. The Macao Foundation was established in 2001, following the merger of the former Macau Foundation that was founded in 1984, and the Macau Foundation for Development and Cooperation, which was founded in 1998. Its objective is to promote, develop and research on the culture, community, economy, education, science, academics and philanthropic activities, as well as activities that promote Macao.

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