Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Year of the Rabbit 5.1.2011

In the Year of the Rabbit, that is in 2011, hospitable Macau is said to have inherited the characteristics pertaining to that year’s patron animal: ‘gentle, agile, affectionate, peaceful and of quiet nature.’ The Rabbit. These two delightful FDCs, one with the miniature or souvenir sheet if you please, and the other with all the 5 commemorative stamps were issued by Macau. They are postmarked with a quaint postmark dated 5.1.2011.
So, on New Year’s Eve – after purchasing gifts at any of the Lunar New Year fairs – the Chinese residents went to either A-Ma or Kun Iam temples and joined the many worshippers there to usher in the Lunar Year. They bought pinwheels and good luck charms to bring back home, as ‘pinwheels’ are believed to twirl around for a luck change for the better. But, many also chose to enjoy the promised romantic fireworks on display free of charge at night. The firecrackers and fireworks were launched in the special launch areas at the waterfront in Macau and Taipa to add more joy and happiness to the whole family’s outing.
Also, one could watch in the following days the Macau Tower’s ‘CNY Walk’, an admission-free event for visitors to climb the stairs to the Tower’s observation deck, for good luck. The traditional ‘Opening of Kun Yam Treasury’, a ritual common in Southern China, on the 26th day of the first lunar month which attracted the most worshippers to Pou Chai Sim Un (or Kun Iam Tong, one of the three major Buddhist temples in Macau) to pray for good luck and safety. And, to be sure one had watch the grand parade of the 238-metre golden dragon and 18-lions on New Year’s Day.

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