Thursday, July 5, 2012

UN-Geneva - Rights of the Child

Throughout history, children have been victims -- of war, poverty, disease and neglect. With the advent of 19th century social reform movements, many religious and private charities were organized throughout the world to care for destitute, abandoned and abused children. Despite these early efforts, the concept of social and community responsibility for providing all children with advantages their parents could not supply, remains a 20th century dream. In 1946 the United Nations created the United Nations International Children's Emergency Relief fund (UNICEF) to provide relief to children in countries ravaged by World War II. The fund expanded after 1950 to establish general child welfare programs in less developed countries. The efforts of this fund -- now called the United Nations Children's Fund -- combined with international, national and community child welfare programs to increase worldwide awareness of children's rights. Today UNICEF labours unceasingly to feed, clothe and shelter the world's children.
To commemorate the 1991 Convention of the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Postal Administration issued on June 14, 1991, stamps and a First Day Cover as displayed. The Swiss currency stamps of 80 centimes and 1.10 francs were designed by Ryuta Nakajima of Japan and David Popper of Switzerland. Nakajima, 19 when his design was selected, graduated from the U.N. school in Geneva and is now enrolled at the University of California at San Diego. Popper, 17, is a student at the Geneva school and hopes to pursue a career in business. He is also a stamp collector. Merja gave me this FDC.

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