Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scenes from the Local Markets in Singapore 18.4.2012

Singapore is known for its morning markets selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and of course, fish. Known as "wet markets”. Wet markets are a great place to shop for fresh food at excellent prices, although the smells and the melting ice water on the floor can be disconcerting. A wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, fish, spices or flowers can be bought. Generally prices are much lower than they are in the supermarkets. While a shopper can barter, it may not be well received by some stallholders as goods are already priced very low. All wet markets open early to the public; the Senoko Fishing Port Market at Woodlands Avenue opens after midnight at 01:00 (1 am) when the bulk of the customers are stallholders in other wet markets across the island.

Singapore issued a set of 4 stamps on local markets on 18th April 2012.Stamps released at NHBs wet markets exhibition. This stamp issue features common scenes from wet markets that is a fruit stall (S$0.80), a vegetable stall (S$0.80), a fish stall (S$0.80), and a poultry stall (S$0.80)

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