Friday, July 20, 2012

For a World without Hunger

When one first looks at the above statement, it looks utopian, doesn’t it? But with the tremendous efforts put in by the United Nations, this dream may not as yet have become a reality, but the situation since the war on hunger so to say, which began worldwide in the late ‘80s has indeed made a marked difference. The standards of living in developing countries have definitely improved. In the less developing countries it may not be so marked, but a step forward has surely been made. I feel that the problem of Hunger in the third world has been compounded by out of control population growth and a shameless political and beauraucratic corruption. Better fed nations prefer to dump millions of tons of food into the oceans to prevent drop in prices, but, wouldn’t think of donating some of this to the poorer nations.

It is neither the intention of this blog to detail UN’s work in this direction, for the simple reason, that the author is completely unqualified in this respect, nor is this the right forum for it anyway. The views expressed in the para above is only a plaintive protestation of a layman.

It was with the aim of achieving this utopian goal that the UN created the FAO and issued stamps and FDCs to popularise this movement. One such is this FDC issued on 28.1.1988 given to me by my friend Merja.

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