Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bishop Franz Anton Marxer

These stamps shown on the cover given to me by Merja, portrays Franz Xaver Anton Marxer who was born in 1703 in Heiligkreuz, were issued by Liechtenstein on 6.6.1974. His parents were Ulrich Marxer and Anna Maria. He worked as an altar boy at an early age which brought him in contact with the Jesuit priest Konstantin Storff, who gave him lessons and later allowed him to visit the Jesuit high school in Feldkirch. In 1720 Marxer went to study of Theology and philosophy in Vienna and finished both subjects and earned a doctorate.

Marxer was consecrated on May 22, 1728 as a priest, and was also at the University. in 1732 where  he became Professor of Theology, and in 1738 the Dean of the theological faculty as well, as Canon of St. Stephan. He was Board member of the Armenkasse and received an order for the reorganization of the system of poor, resulting among other things in 1742 to the creation of the first Vienna orphanage am Rennweg by Maria Theresa of Austria. Marxer was its Director until 1759. In 1761 Maria Theresa of Austria bought the plant, which could seat up to 300 children at the end. In 1746 he received the Manor of Ebersdorf (now Imperial areas village) near Vienna by Maria Theresa of Austria for his services.

In 1749 he was appointed the auxiliary bishop and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Vienna. In 1753, he served as Provost and Chancellor of the University of Vienna until his death. He died at the age of 72, and was buried before the high altar of the sanctuary in Gutenbrunn.

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