Friday, July 27, 2012

Areas of Historical Significance 8.8.2011

This stamp issue dated 8th August 2011, consists of four stamps features two prominent old residential neighbourhoods - Joo Chiat and Taman Jurong of the past and present. These two areas used to house the forefathers of the present residents, who were behind the success of Singapore.
Joo Chiat is situated between Marine Parade and Geylang in the eastern coastal region of Singapore. In its earlier days, it was known as Confederate Estate Road, and was renamed in 1917 after Chew Joo Chia, a major land owner there. In July 1993, Joo Chiat was gazetted as a conservation district, resulting in the preservation of many of its old buildings. Today, the shophouses and bungalows in Joo Chiat still retain the typical architectural styles of the early 20th century as depicted in both 50-cents and S$1.00 stamps.
Located at the other end of Singapore is Taman Jurong, one of the oldest residential precincts in Singapore. From a sleepy rural area mainly made up of coastal swamplands with low hills, shrubs and jungle as reflected in the 50-cents stamp, it has grown into a developed suburban area as featured in the S$1.10 stamp.

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