Saturday, June 23, 2012

YourSingapore 14.9.2011

YourSingapore is the destination brand of Singapore, launched on 5 March 2010 at the Singapore Tourism Board Tourism Industry Conference 2010. YourSingapore is an evolution of Uniquely Singapore, which remained Singapore's destination brand from 2004 to 2009.
YourSingapore tries to tap upon Singapore’s concentration of dining, shopping, natural and cultural attractions, within the small physical space of the country, making it easy for a user to mix-and-match multiple experiences. YourSingapore aims to differentiate Singapore’s brand proposition from that of its competitors so that Singapore continues to remain relevant and attractive in today's travel industry.
I have been there quite a few times, and it remains and will always remain one of my favourite holiday destinations. You may well ask, “what is there in Singapore?, and my retort to such an irrelevant question would be, “What isn’t in Singapore?”. It is one of the most pleasurable travel destinations, even if I say so ;-)) and if one has good company there like I had, then mere words cannot express ones happiness. And this FDC dated 14th September 2011 only re-emphasises that well known fact with the 10 impressive stamps on it.

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