Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traditional Sports of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

Traditional Sports of Chinese Ethnic Minorities formed and developed through daily lives, production, and social practice of their respective minorities generation after generation. The diverse sport activities are closely associated with the social history, folk customs, lifestyles, and mode of production, religions, and recreation of different ethnic groups. With the slogan of “Harmonious China, Colourful Guizhou”, the National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet, held in Guizhou on September 10, 2011, highlighted the theme “All ethnic groups are united for common development and prosperity”.
On 10.9.2011 China issued this set of four stamps and this lovely FDC. The stamps depict Board Shoes Racing (Zhuang), Spinning Top (Yi), Single Bamboo Rafting (Miao) and Stilt Racing (Tujia). 

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