Sunday, June 10, 2012

The King and His Young Friends

This is another minisheet which Shashi gave me. It is from our neighbouring mountain kingdom of Bhutan. It shows six views of the young King with children in his Country. The dedication of the new King towards the Youth of Bhutan is now well known.
His Majesty the King celebrated the first anniversary of the Coronation with some students in the capital. Sixty-six students from 15 schools, some as young as eight, were invited to the Lingkana Palace where they offered Tashi Khadar to His Majesty. His Majesty reminded the children to love their country is their sacred duty and should do that without expecting anything in return. His Majesty also shared his early years with the students. The students said it was an occasion they will cherish throughout their life. They said they were deeply honoured to meet and interact with His Majesty in person on this happy and auspicious occasion.

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