Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EUROPA - Come Visit Finland - You'll Love It

So, are you a fan of Finland? Well, I am. And I am sure Finland loves you too! And who wouldn't love a country this strange? If ice hockey, Moomins, mobile gadgets, design, rally drivers, heavy metal, sauna or Santa gets you all excited, Finland is the country for you. They have it all (except polar bears): endless summer days, even longer winter nights, about 200 000 lakes and a picturesque archipelago, great wilderness and forests where the next person is more than 100 kilometres away, bustling cities with thriving culture and art scenes, best Scandinavian design, and the list goes on and on. But what do you know? The Finns live there. So this one is for all the fans. Go for it! Believe me I am trying my best too. So my Finnish friends don’t be surprised if one day your doorbell rings, you open the door and there’s Yours Truly smiling at you.
For starters this FDC and the two maxi cards will surely entice you. Thank you my friend Ella for this lovely touristy intro with these two card posters and the FDC. These two stamps will surely make the other EUROPA Best Stamp entrants think again!

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