Friday, May 4, 2012

Order of St. Sergei and St. Herman 100th anniversary 18.2.1985

Sergei and Herman of Valaam (1100 - 1199) were founders of Valaam (Valamo) Orthodox Monastery which grew up on an island in Lake Ladoga. They are the miracle-workers of Valaam and the bringers of enlightenment to Karelia. Sergei and Herman probably lived in the 12th century, though some scholars have placed the foundation of Valaam - and thus the lives of Sergei and Herman - in the 14th century. The Brotherhood of St. Sergius and Herman is focused on catechetical education and parish level diaconia.  The organization was founded in 1885. Hence, the issue of this stamp designed by Pentti Rahikainen and issued on the 100th Anniversary of these two Saints on 18.02.1985.

The Orthodox Church of Finland honors both of the founders of the monastery Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam as Enlighteners of Karelia as well as Saints. Their day of memory is celebrated yearly on June 28. The day of memory of All Enlighteners of Karelia is celebrated on the Saturday between the last day of October and November 6th. My dear friend Pia sent me this iconic FDC.

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