Friday, May 25, 2012

Historic Figures of Macao

Macao Post especially launched an issue with a set of four stamps and one souvenir sheet, with the theme “Historic Figures and Macao” on 9.10.2011. On the four stamps. the head portraits of four historic figures are respectively printed: Lin Zexu, a national hero in Chinese modern history, personally patrolled in Macao in the great anti-opium movement, his determined steps shocked China and foreign countries: Ye Ting, an army commander of the New Fourth Army in China with fame based on military exploits spreading far away, considered Macao as his “second hometown” and spent the quietest six years of his life in Macao: Xian Xinghai, a “great and strong” musician, who praises the Chinese nation by “The Yellow River Cantata” of great momentum, was horn in the family of a mariner as a true “son of Macao”: Ho Yin, an industrial and commercial giant, famous social activist and philanthropist who made distinguished contributions to the construction of Macao and his motherland was a typical person who loved the motherland and Macao.

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