Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clouds 7.5.2012

In May, stamps sold in rolls of one hundred stamps each will become available. The visual themes include three different types of clouds: the amygdaloidal altocumulus cloud, the hazy stratus, and the fibrous storm cloud. This FDC was also sent to me by my friend Ella. Interested in clouds? It's quite a funny and cheap hobby to observe and try to recognize different kind of clouds. Extend challenge - learn the names in Latin: stratus nebulosus, cirrocumulus, altostratus. In these three different kind of stamps there are the name of the cloud in Latin and type of the cloud, the weather and the grade of cloudiness are marked with figures. Have a nice trip to the world of clouds! A huge cloud is depicted on the FDC for the strip of three stamps. On the first day cancellation there is a cloud as well.
The stamps, which are based on into-the-sun photographs, are by Timo Berry. The Clouds stamps' surface has pictograms printed using transparent lacquer, which indicate the cloud types, number of clouds and the weather types. Also issued on 7.5.2012.

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