Thursday, May 17, 2012

300 Years of Pharmacies in Finland 2.8.1989

Merja had sent me this interesting FDC commemorating 300 Years of Pharmacies in Finland. Pharmacists or apothecaries as they were also referred to in those days are what we would probably call Chemists now. Preparation of medicines came to Finland with the monks in their monasteries. The first pharmacies were founded in Turku and Viipuri also called Vyborg. The oldest pharmacy in Finland, Turun Kauppatorin apteekki, was founded 2.6.1689.
On the stamp you can see an old pharmacy bottle, distillation equipment (the three flames under it are symbols for the three centuries), a mortar and pestle and an important medicinal plant, Digitalis purpurea (Common foxglove). 

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