Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Singapore 12.11.2011 - World Orchid Conference 12.11.2011

With its long history of Orchid Culture, Singapore was proud to be the host for the 20th World Orchid Conference (WOC). The 20th WOC, “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet” was held from the 14 – 23 November 2011 at Marina Bay.
Home to Vanda Miss Joaquim, happily selected as National Flower for the young nation, Singapore was at one time one of the most important producers of orchids for commerce in the world. It has since evolved into an important international marketplace for orchids from both the east and the west. Beautifully illustrated in this set of stamps on the cover, are the wonderful Orchid selections of Singapore, “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet” in an orchid extravaganza in 2011. The stamps and the cover were issued on 12th November 2011.

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