Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring blossoms 5.3.2012

This First Day Cover with the minisheet of Spring flower stamps was issued by Finland on 5.3.2012. Spring flowers are shown in a retro-styled six-stamp miniature booklet that depicts liverwort, spring pea, least gagea, lung-wort, marsh marigold and spring corydalis. Klaus Welp designed the Spring Blossoms miniature booklet, and he also took the photographs for it. My friend Ella sent me this lovely FDC and the minisheet. This sheet of six plant stamps is like a little herbario: liverwort, spring pea, least gagea, lung-wort, marsh marigold, and spring corydalis. The nostalgic feelings come from the yellow toned paper and the old fashioned Latin names. The plants were selected for the miniature booklet according to their visual and scientific values.
I am given to understand that decades ago school children in Finland had to collect upto 40 specimens of flowers and plants during the three months summer holidays. After collecting them, these flowers and plants were pressed and dried. Then they were fastened on a paper with a special tape. Children had to learn the Latin names of these plants and flowers too. When summer was over and they returned to school, teachers wanted to see their herbarios. An exam had to be passed as well! Gosh!

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