Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Underwater

Malaysia post issued a set of stamps and a souvenir sheet on 23.1.2012, of underwater life featuring Leopard Moray Eel, Mandarin Fish, Blue Sea Star and Red-spotted Coral Crab.
The seas and oceans around Malaysia are home to thousands of different species that live together. The huge variety of animals that live in the underwater ecosystem is fascinating and impressive. In order to increase their chances of survival, many sea creatures developed sophisticated defence mechanism by mimicking or camouflaging, blending seamlessly into the environment. Starfish and coral can be found growing side by side in the ocean along with a large variety of other invertebrates such as molluscs, jellyfish, squid and octopus. Large schools of fish swim around in the salty seas with sea turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins, lobsters and crabs.

Coral reefs are key players in the survival of an entire ecosystem. They provide various marine animals with food, protection and shelter, which keep generations of species alive. On the other hand, marine plants such as seaweed are a source of food for many small animals and microorganisms in the seas without which, very few other forms of marine life could exist. This lovely FDC with very pretty stamps was sent to me by my friend Budin.

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