Friday, March 2, 2012

Anniversaries & Events 13.10.1986

The Anniversaries and Events commemorated in Cyprus on 13.10.1986 were :-

Year of Overseas Cypriots. Cyprus has about 350000 persons of Cypriot origin living abroad. These Cypriots exhibit a noteworthy presence and a wide range of activities in all the continents. The overseas Cypriots, especially after the invasion of the island by Turkey in 1974, have intensified their offer of help to the metropolis and have proved that they are correctly considered one of the basic mainstays of the struggle of Cyprus for survival, freedom and vindication. Ten years had passed since the founding of the World Organisation for Overseas Cypriots and 1986 was declared "Year of the Overseas Cypriots". The Fifth World Congress of Overseas Cypriots took place in Nicosia during the period 24-30 August 1986. The Cyprus Postal Services commemorated the Year of Overseas Cypriots with the issue of this commemorative stamp.

Return of Halley's Comet. Comets are heavenly bodies, which rotate round the sun. Each comet consists of the "nucleus" which is its solid part, the "nebule" that surrounds the nucleus and is called "the hair" and "the tall" a thin extension of the hair. Halley's comet was discovered by the English astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742). In people's imagination comets are the causes for destruction and the harbingers of misfortunes. During its last period turn that year, which takes place every 75.5 years, the comet was examined "at close proximity" from spaceships. The comet was visible only through telescopes in Cyprus from early December 1985 until mid May 1986. Merja gave me these two nice FDCs issued on 13.10.1986.

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