Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1990s – Celebrate the Century

In the final decade of the last millennium, Cold War ends and the economy blooms. This is what this Minisheet says. It goes on to say that, the Soviet Union collapsed effectively ending the Cold War. Troops were deployed by the United States in the Persian Gulf, in Somalia, and in the Balkans in 1992 – often called the Year of the Woman – a record number of women were elected to political office.
American astronauts joined Russian cosmonauts on the Mir space station, and Mars Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor sent back extraordinary images of the red planet. A grouping of planets resembling our Solar System was found by astronomers. The World Wide Web and e-mail revolutionised communications. Millions of Americans bought cellular phones as service expanded. In Washington, D.C the Holocaust Museum drew huge crowds, while in Los Angeles, the Getty Centre’s architecture got rave reviews. Movie goers flocked to see Titanic and Jurasic Park. Extreme sports, such as snowboarding and BMX biking, attracted young people, and the U.S. women’s softball, soccer and basketball teams proved themselves best in the world. New words, e-commerce, Web site, Y2K and many more came into the English lexicon. The back ground photo was designed as the US economy prospered as the stock market reached all-time highs. Americans ended the decade with one of the strongest economies in the world.
My friend Hemant gave me this superb minisheet. The stamps on this sheet portray most of the facts given above and more including ‘Seinfeld’ one of my favourite comedy serials on TV. I would like to emphasise also, that the details mentioned above of the last decade are views of USPS, who issued this sheet in 2000.

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