Monday, February 13, 2012


50th Anniversary of the IFSDA

Karoly sent me this interesting FDC commemorating The International Federation of Stamp Dealers Association ‘IFSDA’, which was created by a group of philatelic businessmen to regulate the business and set high standards within the industry. The stamp and cover were issued in the erstwhile Yugoslavia by the PTT on 24.10.2002.

The objectives of IFSDA are the following :

- To promote and maintain a high standard of professional integrity among Philatelic dealers throughout the world.

- To promote the exchange among the member organizations of information and literature likely to be of service to the philatelic trade.

- To try in all ways to reduce the barriers in international Philatelic trade.

- To promote the exchange of information regarding the marketing of stolen, forged, faked and repaired stamps.

- To promote and help promoting stamp collecting throughout the world.

IFSDA cooperates with:-

- with U.P.U., F.I.P., or other organization.

- in the event of theft or other criminal acts against the philatelic trade.

- in International Exhibitions and control the seriousness of the commercial stand holders.

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